EBpunx officially announced

EBpunx, the Earthbound meets Boxpunx collaboration has been outed. For those who may not know (and I’m totally clueless as to how you found your way here, if that’s the case) EarthBound is a wonderful RPG released back in 1995 for the SNES. The game was not as well received initially, but its quirky sense of humor, amazing musical score, and uncommon charm helped develop a cult-classic following over the years.

Jason over at his site Harlancore has created this lovely promotional poster for the series, and I believe he’ll be taking care of the textual work for the promotional stuff on the final set. The only model shown there is Ness, whom would obviously be included anyway.

As of right now, twelve models are planned for the series to fall in line with the rest of the boxpunx format.

I’d like to keep the remaining 11 characters a secret for now… If it takes me longer than I have calculated to finish the series, I might release a few more characters, but ultimately I want to be completely finished with everyone before the printable models are released. Nevertheless, I will occasionally update this site with progressy stuff.

That’s all for now đŸ˜€


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