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Pants to wear…on your head!

August 11, 2010

Ozzie Pants! Here is the model I made specifically for the Chrono Trigger Fanfest 2010!  The template is (mostly) the double-wide flavor of blank templates offered up by Mr Harlancore. He comes in two versions, my favorite of course sporting his Ozzie Pants on his head (a nod to his appearance in Chrono Cross), and then one sans pants, for the Chrono Trigger purists out there. He was the first model I’ve worked on since I finished my version of Link long long ago, and I had a blast working on him. I have to apologize for the horrible photo of him, I once again succeed to demonstrate the fail that is me holding a camera ~

Ozzie Pants Version is here, while the pants-less version can be acquired here~

I also have something to add to my originals section very soon~