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626 days later….

July 10, 2010

Has it really been that long? I’m sure all of five people will read this anyway…

I’m new & improved! I now work as a Tech Support agent, though for the last few month’s I’ve been training new groups of agents to do the same…”Coaching” as we call it 🙂 I’m still a huge fan of paper toys, yet I haven’t worked on any new ones since…Link was finished?

Regardless, I just completed work on a special model…He’ll be released around the 17th, for a certain event that is going on right now…Only a handful of people know what I’ve been working on, so I’ll keep it that way until then…. ~

Just about ready to print out a grayscale version to make sure things line up….then it’s off to Kinkos!



August 2, 2008

I have been sprucing up the site here and there. I’ve added some cool art from a fellow EB fan, as well as a new header. I plan on getting an actual domain and kicking this redirect crap at some point.

As far as paper is concerned, I have ideas for Cubees, Punx, and some original stuff all bouncing around in my head, and I hope to get to transferring those ideas to reality soon. Getting caught up in Warcraft and FFTA2 right now, among other things.

I hope to have some new stuff to post here soon 🙂

(hold the) intro

July 10, 2008

Ahh. So here is where I hope to post some of the work I do in the way of paper crafts. I got into these things a short time ago, and was smitten with Cubeecraft. After making a few models on the site, I tried my hand at designing my own model using Chris’ template. Lucas and Claus were found to be cool enough to get posted on there, and that boosted morale on this end, spurring more and more designs as time went on.  Chris introduced me to boxpunx from Harlancore, and that has since inspired me to create a themed set of boxpunx of my own.

So in summary, I’m a guy who makes paper crafts, but doesn’t use his own model designs….Everything I’ve done to this point has been using or a modification of one or more of the many AWESOME designs available on both those sites.  I can’t stress more that designs I’ve come up with would have NEVER EXISTED EVER if it wasn’t for these fantastic artists. Their devotion and passion for their (paper) craft is quite inspiring.

Anyhoo, as this would be the first post here, I’d like to formally apologize to anyone who may (or may not) ever read this stuff, as I am terrible at writing and conveying speech/thoughts through text.