work alone


The Potion model is the first original design I’ve made from scratch. In FFTA2, a series of side quests have your clan defend an employee of a potion company called Komodo. While a small series of quests with relatively no story whatsoever, while playing them I thought to make this guy. Click the image above to download the model. In my experience, it’s best to stock up on these.

Just in case you can’t figure it out, fold all the sides and the white flaps in (everything should have the color facing out.) Cut the light blue slit lines in preparation, then, start gluing the white tabs on the top and bottom of each side, working your way around. When you get to the last side, make sure you glue the big tab. Slide a hobby knife through the corners and push to secure the white tabs in place. Let the glue dry!!! Then, fold the rectangular piece over in half and plug the cork down through the rim, and then on to the bottle.



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